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'Unpr3dictible' Movie Script

July, 2012

written by: T.M
additional concepts: RapidityLK

Belz, a neglected child runaway, and Alfroz, former army officer, uncover the details of BLACK SKY, a nuclear operation that threatens the existence of all life on earth. They're forced to intervene despite Belz' hatred for how the world has treated him.

They are both unpr3dictible.


(Policeman is chasing Belz waving handcuffs)

Policeman: (shouts) HEY KID COME BACK HERE!!!!


Policeman: I’ll have you know I’m fifty five years old!!! Oh wait a sec that is old!


(Chief of police comes in and handcuffs Belz)

Belz: WOAH! Hey get off of me you idiot!!!

Chief.P: That’s another two months in prison for that insult! That makes it a year!

Belz: Why would you give me ten months for that small incident Back there?!

Policeman: Isn’t it obvious! You knocked that American ambassador unconscious!!!

Belz: Well SORRY! He was annoying me!

Policeman: The poor man was just walking down the street and you punched him!!!

Belz: B...B...B...But...But...But

Chief.P: I’ve had enough of your buts! Come with me now!

(Pulls Belz into police car and drives to police station)


(Belz is in prison and shouting for help)


Alfroz: I’m your prison guard and you will listen to me and shut up!

Belz: I’m not gonna listen to you!

Alfroz: Your time here will increase if you decide to be immature.

Belz: Umm ok? Excuse me what’s for breakfast kind sir?

Alfroz: eh?!

Belz: I apologise for that inconvenient way I must have pronounced that sentence Let me rephrase it.

Alfroz: I HEARD WHAT YOU SAID AND ANYWAY THAT’S TOO FORMAL! Also breakfast is uncooked porridge oats.

Belz: So you want me to be immature?

Alfroz: Of course! Eh?! No no!!

Belz: ok! I can be immature! BLUERGH BOO DAA DOO DAA BOO

Alfroz: You’re acting like a big kid you imbecile!!!

Belz: Hey! You can’t call me that and I practically am a big kid!!!

Alfroz: Yes I can I’m your guard and anyway its breakfast so put on your handcuffs And come downstairs with me.

(Belz is forced to put on handcuffs and follows General.Alfroz downstairs)

Alfroz: Come here you little brat!

(Belz trips up General.Alfroz and runs away)

Alfroz: Hey come back you!!!!! Oh man he’s escaped and it’s my fault

Chief.P: Alfroz you let that criminal escape you’re fired!

Alfroz: B…B…But…But…But

(Chief.P walks away and Dr.Delfino walks in)

Dr.Delfino: Alfroz I heard that you’re fired I’ve got a perfect job for you in BLACK SKY.

Alfroz: Black what now?

Dr.Delfino: Just shut up and come with me. Mwahahahahahaha!


(Belz has ran of to his dumpster and is looking for someone to mug)

James: So you won one million pounds jasper!

Jasper: yes it’s quite unbelievable!

Belz: (whispers behind dustbin) a millionaire he’s got to have money to rob!

(Belz jumps out punches jasper takes his bag and the paper he’s holding)

Jasper: COME BACK HERE YOU FILTHY TEENAGER! Oh man he took the secret Documents.

James: WHAT?! Your fired those documents were classified you can’t let him know About The BLACK SKY secret invasion!!!

Jasper: you can’t Fire me!!

James: yeah only the boss can do that.

(Jasper walks of glumly)

Belz: What! These are just pieces of paper wait a sec let me read them. ‘Top secret documents the following information is classified BLACK SKY plans’ Hey! That guy who was talking to my guard in the prison said BLACK SKY lets Read on! ‘Operation nuclear we have sent trillions of rockets armed with nuclear Missiles into space and they are circling earth holding it to ransom until they give In’ WHAT I MUST STOP BLACK SKY AND SAVE EARTH! Even though everyone on the planet destroyed my life and how I think now. Huh? It shows an address for an airport at the bottom of the page! I must go there!

(Belz packs his belongings and sets of)


(Belz is trying to sneak into the airport without being seen)

Bag carrier: Hello young man please may I see your ID?

Belz: Umm well you see I don’t have any.

Bag carrier: What! Get outta here you imb…

(Belz hits the bag carrier and knocks him out)

Belz: Thank god now I can carry on! Huh what’s that? Hey look it’s a BLACK SKY shuttle that’s weird I think recognise the soldier Patrolling it, so what, lets tie him up!!! RAAAAAAAH


(Belz ties up Alfroz and throws him into the shuttle and starts work at the control panel)

Alfroz: Unhand me you um who are you?

Belz: None of your business.

Alfroz: It is too my businesses if you’re talking about me! oh wait your not.

Belz: Your voice is vaguely familiar

Alfroz: Hey you’re that prisoner who got me fired!!

Belz: Huh? Wait your that guard!!

Alfroz: That is true that is true and I hate you! Hey that rhymes!

Belz: Why are you acting like an idiot?

Alfroz: Because I am one!!!!

Belz: Ok ok stop being stupid you were all formal at work so why aren’t you now?

Alfroz: You should really get to know me I am a master of disguise and can pretend to Be anyone! I am sooo not formal in fact I am an idiot!!! And anyway what brings You here?

Belz: I know about the BLACK SKY plan

Alfroz: how did you know!

Belz: someone called Jasper had the documents with him and I robbed them off him.

Alfroz: oh ok. Now that I want to join you to stop the invasion what’s your name?

Belz: oh umm that’s great that you want to help me! Now my name umm Well the truth is I don’t have one.

Alfroz: then what should I call you?

Belz: Belz

Alfroz: ok but why?

Belz: Ok! Ok! Ill tell you everything! Well I was brought up for about a two years in a Town I don’t know what it’s called but my parents were horrible to me and they Punish me for every little thing I did so I ran away I got my nickname from when I Ran I heard the bells of the church ringing in the distance on Christmas day.

Alfroz: I’m sorry this is probably the only sensible thing ill say im just sorry!

Belz: Its ok, now just concentrate at the job in hand and I will let you be my partner!

Alfroz: BOOYAA now can you untie me?

Belz: whatever!

(Belz unties Alfroz)

Belz: what should I call you?

Alfroz: Alfroz!!!

Belz: ok we’re launching the shuttle into space and landing on rocket three hundred and Ninety one!

Alfroz: umm well that wouldn’t wo…

Belz: shut up! We have lift off!!!!

Alfroz: IT WON’T WORK!!!

Belz: what? Huh! Enemy detected on the screen!!!

Alfroz: told you so it’s a fighter plane 1278 it’s hi tech!

Belz: ARRGGHH we’ve been shot!! Were going to crash!!



(Alfroz and Belz fly around the place and crash to the floor as the shuttle crash lands in Hawaii)


(Police sirens are everywhere to investigate the crash)

Hawaiian policeman: hey man what ya doin!!

Alfroz: umm Belz?

Belz: Yes Alfroz?

Alfroz: Here is thirty quid now RUN!!!!

(Alfroz runs and Belz runs in the other direction)

Hawaiian Chief.P: hey man come back here!

Belz: No thanks I don’t want to come back there!

Hawaiian Chief.P: YOU LISTEN TO ME MAN!

Belz: nope!

(Belz punches the Hawaiian Chief.P)

Hawaiian Chief.P: Ow you filthy teenager!!

(Belz runs past a wedding and steals the grooms bowler hat)


Belz: Stealing your hat what do you think!

Groom: I think that you were making fun of me at ma wedding!

Belz: Just shut up you Golden Oldie!!!!!

Groom: OK!

Bride: My wedding is ruined!!!

Belz: Ok!

(Belz finds an English hotel)

Belz: Look an English Hotel that uses pounds!!

(Belz walks inside and notices the manager who is wearing a eypatch and looks seriously Injured)

Bruce: Jem we have a customer

Jem: Coming Bruce!

Bruce: Bring the fried chicken too!

Jem: Whatever!

Bruce: So what would you want young man? Please say that you’re not a health Inspector or a guy from a secret agency RCA!

Belz: The RCA? What the flip is that?

Bruce: Should I trust you to not tell anyone this classified information?

Belz: Yeah sure why would I tell anyone.

Bruce: Right then I’m only telling you this because you’re my first customer in years! Ok first of all the RCA stands for Royal Crown Agency and this agency is In a battle with BLACK SKY that are plotting to destroy the wo… WAIT WAIT! Don’t listen to that last part umm well BLACK SKY is super good and And well not planning to destroy anything at all!

Belz: umm ok…

Jem: So young man heres some free fried chicken because you’re our first customer!

Belz: Is that chicken meant to have purple lumps on it?

Jem: Oh well I must have a word with the chef!

(Jem faints at the purple lumps)

Bruce: JEM!!! Eh who needs her anyway!

Belz: Ok that’s freaky but can I rent a room now?

Bruce: Yeah go on that’ll be 30 quid now heres the key to room 108 even though There are only five rooms we just named it 108 to make it seem like there’s more And it’s the pass… NO NO don’t you listen to that little thing now go to your Room!

(Belz pulls Jem upstairs into his room)


(Belz is trying to wake up Jem and at the same time studying the rooms ornament and features)

Belz: WAKE UP JEM!!!!

(There’s a knock on the door)

Belz: Who is it?

Alfroz: GUESS!

Belz: That doesn’t answer my question but the doors unlocked so come in!

(Alfroz walks in wearing a lei, Hawaiian T-shirt and shorts)

Alfroz: hello!! My good friend!!!

Belz: What’s up with the Hawaiian beach wear you Muppet?

Alfroz: Well isn’t it obvious were in Hawaii!!!

Belz: WHAT!!!??? How did we get here!?

Alfroz: Well we were in the shuttle and then a plane shot us and we crash…


Alfroz: Then why did you ask?

Belz: Because Hawaii is such a small island and we were above Europe in the shuttle!

Alfroz: Well can’t you at least say hello? I said it to you!

Belz: Whatever hi Alfroz

Alfroz: That’s better and who’s that chick over there?

Belz: Well that’s Jem she’s friends with the manager.

Alfroz: Do you like her!

Belz: No way!

Alfroz: You love her you wanna marry her!!!

Belz: SHUT UP ALFROZ!!!!!!

Alfroz: Ok I’ll shut up!

Belz: Good I don’t think I can take anymore of your stupidity!!!

Alfroz: Ok I’ll be in my clever mode! Now did you find any information That could help us stop the invasion?

Belz: Yep I’ve got some! First thing is that BLACK SKY has a rival Agency called RCA it stands for Royal Crown Agency!

Alfroz: Awesome!! We’ve got to pack now there are still some policemen after me! And some bad news BLACK SKY agents are after me as well!!

Belz: What!!!

(Jem wakes up)

Jem: Where am I?

Belz: you are in our room, room 108 you fainted after looking at mouldy chicken so I brung you here! Would you mind if the manager said that no one needs you?

Jem: WHAT!!! The manager’s my dad!

Belz: WHAT!!! He’s your dad!

Jem: How dare he!!!

Belz: I know how you feel.

(The door crashes open and James, Bruce, Jasper and Dr.Delfino holding a gun come in)

Dr.Delfino: Well well well what do we have here my old recruit Alfroz And the teenager who knows about my plans! GET THEM!!!!!

(Jasper, James and Bruce advance towards them)

Alfroz: Follow me quickly!

(Alfroz jumps out of the window and onto another roof Dr.Delfino fires the gun at Alfroz)

Jem: Eek!

Belz: come on Jem!

(They both jump onto the roof)

Belz: Jem it will be too dangerous for you here so hide somewhere on the ground

(Jem runs of and all the villains jump onto the roof)

Jasper: You nearly got me fired you scallywag!

James: You stole the Documents idiot!

Bruce: You made me tell you classified information dumbo!

Dr.Delfino: And you General Alfroz shall die!

(They start fighting each other)

Alfroz: I know Kung –Fu HIYAAA

(Alfroz kicks James in the balls)

James: Ooh that hurt

(James falls of the roof into a dustbin)

Belz: Run Alfroz!

(Alfroz runs away and Dr.Delfino chases him)

Belz: (Says to Bruce) think you can top this!!!

(Belz uppercuts Bruce and Bruce goes smashing through a window)

Jasper: WOAH!! And AHHHH!!!

(Jasper runs to where Alfroz and Dr.Delfino are fighting and Belz follows him)


Jasper: I don’t have one!!!

Belz: yeah cos you got two dads!!!

Jasper: HEY SHUT UP!!!

(Jasper pushes Belz of the roof and he falls of as well)

Dr.Delfino: So my time has come to finally destroy you! Heres a gun

(He throws Alfroz a gun)

Dr.Delfino: We’ll shoot and the first to get shot obviously loses! Three two one SHOOT


(Belz jumps up on to the roof)

Belz: uh oh!

(Belz ducks)

Alfroz: Belz RUN!!

(They both run off and the BLACK SKY agents crawl back onto the roof)

Dr.Delfino: Wait a sec I’ve been SHOT in the arm!! Damn you!! Get him agents!

(Reluctantly the agents chase Belz and Alfroz)


(The roof chase)

Alfroz: You’ll never catch us you evil people!!!

Dr.Delfino: SHUT UP YOU!!!!

Alfroz: Nope!!

Belz: Stop talking and run!!!

Alfroz: Ok!

Belz: Why is life so hard around you!!!

(James slip and lands on a skateboard on the roof)

Belz & Alfroz: What the! Woah!!

James: hahahaha I’ve got you now!!!

Alfroz: No you haven’t!

James: What do you mean? Ahhhhh!!!!

(Alfroz jumps onto James and starts slapping him round the face)

Belz: Alfroz you genius!!!

Alfroz: It’s not often my brilliance get recognised!

Belz: Well it has now!!

James & Alfroz: WOAH!!!!!!! HELP!!!!

(Alfroz jumps of the skateboard in time but James crashes into the chimney)

Alfroz: phew that was close I nearly had a massive bump on ma head!

Belz: Yeah that was lucky!

Dr.Delfino: Call in the helicopter Bruce!

Belz: A helicopter!!! That’s a bit extreme!

Dr.Delfino: Ok then bring in all the helicopters!

Belz: WHAT?!!! Hey what are you doing that for!

Dr.Delfino: It’s funny!

Alfroz: Don’t argue with him Belz the helicopters are here already!!!

(A missile nearly hit Alfroz but he dodges instead it hits a shed)


Dr.Delfino: Damn you miss Josey!!!

Josey: It’s hard to drive a helicopter you know!!

Bruce: Don’t lose your temper there are plenty of missiles on each helicopter

Dr.Delfino: Ok whatever!! Just try to aim better next time!!!



Belz: WOAH! There taking this too far!!!!

Jasper: No we aint!

Dr.Delfino: Get them Jasper!!!

Jasper: How?


Jasper: WHAT?! Oh I’ll do it.

(Jasper climbs up the ladder and stays there)


Jasper: Ok! Close in on them Josey!

Josey: Ok Closing in on them!

(Jasper grabs Belz by the hood)

Belz: AHHH!!! Help me Alfroz!!

Alfroz: I can try!

(Alfroz throws a stone at the helicopters windscreen and it smashes knocking out Josey)

Belz: thanks for saving me!

Alfroz: No problem!

Fuziki: GANG WAY!!!

Belz: What the?!! Who are you?

Fuziki: I am part of ze RCA you know I am Fuziki?

Belz: yeah I know I need to tell them important information!

Fuziki: I can help with that! But first we need to destroy these helicopters!!

Alfroz: LOOK QUICK!!!!

Fuziki & Belz: What is it? Woah ahhhh!!!!!

(The helicopter Josey was driving comes crashing towards them)

Belz & Alfroz: AHHHHHH!!

Belz: Hey Fuziki why aren’t you screaming?

Fuziki: I’ve got a plan just keep running!

Belz & Alfroz: Ok!

(Fuziki jumps of the roof and brings out a phone)

Alfroz: Belz I’m tired I need a rest

Belz: You can’t have a rest the broken helicopter is about ten metres close now!!!!

(Alfroz collapses with exhaustion Belz thinks)

Belz: Alfroz NOOO!!!!

(Dr.Delfino stops and picks up Alfroz)

Dr.Delfino: MWAHAHAHAHA I’ve won and you hav…

(Alfroz punches Dr.Delfino in the face and kicks him)

Belz: AHHH….


(The helicopter crashes into Belz and Belz falls of the roof)


(Everyone is in the jet and talking)

Fuziki: YAY I LOVE JETS!!!

Mr. Merles: Alfroz Get in here with someone who knows you, Jem Don’t worry Miss.Emera will collect Belz!

(Alfroz jumps in and Miss.Emera pulls Belz through the trapdoor of the jet)

Mr. Merles: You ok? I know Belz isn’t but are you?

Alfroz: yeah im ok? Thanks for asking!

Belz: urrgghh I love you Miss.McJames Dot org

Alfroz: What the heck???!!!!!!?????!!!!

Mr. Merles: Don’t worry he’s just delirious

Alfroz: Oh ok phew!

Mr. Merles: We need to get him to the royal crown head quarters and fast!

Jet Pilot: Yes sir!

(The plane swerves around and crashes into a fighter plane 1278 and both jets crash into the side of a really high cliff)

Scene 8

(Belz and Alfroz wake up and all of the crew are gone and they’re in a cave surrounded by a waterfall)

Belz: Where Where am I Hey Alfroz what are you doing over in that other plane?

Alfroz: It’s a fighter plane 1278 I mention it when we first met!

Belz: Oh yeah

Alfroz: I’m trying to fix it we might be able to get to the head quarters of Dr.Delfino in it!

Belz: Yeah good ideas, by the way where is our crew and have you found the pilot of the Fighter plane and why can’t you fix our plane???

Alfroz: one question at a time the crews gone I’ve found the pilot of the fighter plane he’s Been muffled over there!

Sergeant Prixton: Mmmmm MmmHmmEmmLmmP

Alfroz: And I can’t fix our plane because it’s gone!

Belz: Ok when will you be done???

Alfroz: About Five minutes why don’t you go and search for food and stuff?

Belz: Fine!!!

(Belz walks off)

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